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Paracarnivalistas, whatever their backgrounds, ages, abilities or vulnerabilities, are all fellow artists & performers who have a real place and play a real part in our creative endeavours, they are the reason for our spectacular victories as well as for the quiet successes of companionship and support which flow through our community. 

Who we work with 

Since 2013, the majority of our members have come from the boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Hackney, and Newham. they are home to some of the most diverse communities in the world with 55%, 45% & 73% of the population made up of members of BAME communities (UK gov. census. Coupled with the high prevalence of people with disabilities and people facing depravation in these areas, Paracarnival's community of interest accurately reflects those experiencing social and economic disadvantage within the local community.   

The work of Paracarnival has evolved mainly as a result of its extensive creative collaborations  As a catalyst and umbrella group we bring together and coordinate an exceptional diversity of people and organisations, enjoying fruitful partnerships with a network of public and private funders,  local authorities, NHS & Social Care and the joint membership of local community / disability / arts groups, VSOs, schools, colleges care centres & hospices. They have become the substance and driving force of our organisation.

 Paracarnival has become a much valued creative platform for :                                                                   

  • people with physical, cognitive, emotional & sensory differences, their carers and families          people of all ages from children and young people to senior citizens
  • members of BAME communities
  • members of the deaf community
  • people experiencing social and economic disadvantage and isolation
  • parent carers, children carers, carers & care support workers
  • corporate and student volunteers
  • artists, facilitators, film makers and researchers 

We're getting ready for CARNIVAL with  "DEIXA FALAR"  ` `(let them talk!) Maison de Fashion   ~   Rio Carnival classics   ~   very groovy Dressing Up design commissions & hire for carnival, theatre and special occasions*

*watch this space for pictures, schedules, venues & outlets