Carnival Therapy Handbook            A practical how to guide, directory and forum for lovers and practitioners of Carnival 

"Great art should be accessible for everyone, especially those it does not normally reach. One of our favourite vehicle                                                            for this is the naturally inclusive Culture of Carnival".

 In 2011, we created a series of Arts of Carnival workshops and rehearsals with Ealing Centre for Independent Living, Mencap, & Paraiso School of Samba which culminated in an award winning performance at Nottiing Hill  Carnival, achieving levels of inclusion and integration unprecedented in the history of Notting Hill and setting the standards of excellence that have become the hallmark of our organisation. Since then we haven't looked back!

A key element in our programme is practical inter ability exchange in which people of varying degrees of ability vulnerability and disadvantage are able to work together as equals in an atmosphere of friendship and group endeavour to design, create and live great art :

  •  The Arts of Carnival, gardening, nutrition & cooking
  •  World dance , interactive wheelchair dancing, BSL synchronised dance
  •  World music & composition, percussion & BSL silent song
  •  DEIXA FALAR ! Maison de Fashion, costume design and making & dressing up
  •  Architecture & sustainable construction, dome building, applied arts 
  •  Painting & sculpture (including non-figurative art, calligraphy and sacred geometry)
  •  Ecology,  Zero carbon parades,  recycling, repairing & repurposing  (floats, costumes and musical instruments )       Digital art & new technologies, Participatory Appraisal